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The Sail Boat Project

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For most of us who live beside it, the sea is our closest wilderness. And yet few of us know what it’s like to truly sail its waters. A not-for-profit venture, Sail Boat Project was set up in 2009 to help people (re)find their sea legs, be they disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community, budding sailors, day trippers or volunteers working aboard our cargo sailboat. There are two arms to Sail Boat Project: Sail People and Sail Cargo.

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Sail People

Designed to better provide individuals and groups with access to the sea, Sail People is the original arm of Sail Boat Project. Working with people and groups from all walks of life, we offer a range of activities based around sailing. Whether Community Sailing, Charter & Team Sailing, Sailing Courses, or Sailing Trips, the overall aim of Sail Boat is to give people the opportunity to experience the extraordinary benefits of learning to sail the seas.

Sail Cargo

Sustainable trade is the future, and sailing cargo ships are an important part of that future. Established in 2017, Sail Cargo is Sail Boat Project’s contribution to lessening the impact the transport of goods has on the environment. Working with like-minded partners, we import goods from the likes of Spain and Portugal, which are either collected on board or delivered to your door.