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Brunswick Fine Wines & Spirits specialise in the buying and selling of the very finest wines and spirits. Established by Jamie Graham and Carlos De Haan, we are both broker and stockist. As such, we occupy a rare niche, one that provides our customers with access to the very best wines and spirits, as well as to an international network of buyers and sellers.  While unashamedly Eurocentric in taste, we also trade in and supply the best of new world fine wines, predominantly from Australia and the US.

<Fine Wines>

With over 30 years of experience in the fine wine trade, we have long and excellent relations with the world’s most renowned producers, agents and merchants. As a network, its invaluable, and one that is built on trust and mutual respect, though never at the cost of our independence and our taste. Accordingly, we trade in and supply fine wines from the world’s greatest regions, and in particular from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Piedmont.

<Fine and Rare Whisky>

The secret as to its quality, provenance and history now firmly in the public realm, the market for fine whisky has grown exponentially. Partial to a fine dram, our own interest began with Scotch, and has since expanded to include Bourbon and Japanese whiskies. Anticipating increased demand and ever diversifying portfolios, we trade in and supply whisky from some of the world’s best distilleries and independent bottlers.


Wherever possible, we make a point of cultivating working relationships with individual producers. Some of these relationships go way back. Others are only a year old. All are the result of these producers’ capacity for making exceptional wines. Endorsed by the world’s leading wine and spirits authorities, they include producers in France, Italy, and Scotland.


Both broker and stockist, Brunswick Fine Wines & Spirits provides its customers with a range of first-class services. These include the capacity to store wine in bonded warehouses, to assist with the sale of wines and spirits, to find fine, rare and exceptional wines, and to provide market-leading advice for investors and investment partners.


Established in 2016, Brunswick Fine Wines & Spirits trades in and supplies the very finest wines and spirits. Founded by Jamie Graham and Carlos De Haan, and now joined by Kenny Stewart, we are both broker and stockist. As such, we provide our customers with the wherewithal to buy, sell and store their wine and spirits. At the same time, we are equally well-known for the breadth and depth of our own stock of competitively priced wines and spirits. While Europe is always our first port of call, and in particular Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont and Scotland, we trade in and supply fine wines and spirits from around the globe.


Having spent our working lives in the field, we are well-versed in the industry, and have struck up excellent working relationships with some of world’s greatest winemakers and distilleries, and with an international set of traders, collectors and investors. Together, they constitute an extraordinary network of individuals and organisations, providing rare access to fine, rare and exceptional wines and spirits, and to an international market of buyers. In short, we’re excellently placed to assist our customers with their collections and their investment portfolios.


As well as possessing our own stock, we own or have exclusive control of every wine sold off our Price List, a fact that gives us a significant competitive edge. Currently, we stock £850,000 worth of our wines, which we store at Vine International, in London. Additionally, many of our customers store their wine with us, either at Vine International or Crown Cellars in Hong Kong.


Carlos De Haan
Carlos has almost two decades experience in the buying and selling of fine wine and is now employing this knowledge and experience to help build Brunswick into an internationally recognised wine and spirit business. As well as making fine use of his little black book of personal contacts, Carlos also looks after the domestic and international trade side of the business, enjoys travelling to meet both customers and suppliers, and has been instrumental in developing the company’s structure. Carlos’s favourite wine regions are classic French and Italian, in particular Burgundy (especially white), Piedmont and Bordeaux, though recently he has developed a serious weakness for dry Sherry.

Jamie Graham
Jamie has been in the fine wine business since 1989 and has held senior positions at some of London’s leading wine companies. Possessing an extraordinary network of UK and international connections, we set great store by his ability to source well-priced parcels and advise on collections and investment portfolios. Jamie’s main role is looking after both established and start-up private collectors, helping them to either to build or rationalise their collections. He often travels to Asia and other locations for face-to-face meetings to properly understand each individual’s needs. A Europhile to the bone, Jamie is at his happiest talking, tasting and drinking from the great European wine regions, tends to prefer red over white, and has a lifelong passion for whisky.

Kenny Stewart
Kenny is now approaching his third decade in the business. His enthusiasm and love for the finer things in life, combined with a noted palate, sees him spearhead the company’s tasting activities. Frequently found exercising said palate in the vineyards of Burgundy, Bordeaux and (increasingly) Piemonte, he has built up a loyal and ever-expanding network of customers and suppliers, who value his considered opinion on wines and the market. Kenny’s lifelong passion is White Burgundy, one he punctuates with a burgeoning German Riesling private collection.

Honorine Cieloch
Honorine joined the business in 2017 and runs our operations. Overseeing stock management and accounts, she draws on her experience of having worked for an internationally recognised office management company. Despite originating from Alsace, Honorine is a recent convert to the wine industry, and is furiously studying for her WSET exams. She is fast developing a taste for Champagne, Burgundy and, dare we say it, the wines of Alsace.

Toby Wilcox
Another recent convert to the wine industry, Toby has spent the majority of his career working in retail, specialising in stock management and developing systems dedicated to improving customer experience. Toby joined in 2018, and relishes his role in delivering the best customer service. In his spare time, he likes to spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible, walking his dog and visiting live music venues, past times now supplemented by a higher appreciation of wine and spirits. He has a particular liking for Sauternes and Port, but it is (fervently) hoped by his colleagues that his tastes will broaden in time.

<Price List>

Both broker and stockist, the fact that we own or have under our exclusive control all the wines and spirits sold on our Price List allows us to price competitively and ensure a quick turnover. You can view our list of wines below or download the full list here. We offer a worldwide delivery service. Please contact us to enquire about a specific wine.

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