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NEX Optimisation provides the  markets with a service designed to mitigate risk, simplify an increasingly complex process, ensure transparency, and significantly reduce costs. Having long championed new financial technologies, and led by many of the market’s original technology pioneers, we are a part of NEX Group, and as such a complementary set of specialists operating at every point of the trade life-cycle. Providing a service across key asset classes, we possess the knowledge, expertise and technological wherewithal to fully optimise our clients’ trading positions.

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NEX Optimisation is a capital markets trading service. The whole-trade risk information arm of NEX Group, we are an integrated group of financial technology specialists. We operate in key asset classes, providing our clients with  technological support across the trade cycle. Mitigating risk, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliancy, we streamline back and middle office , and offer our clients the opportunity to make the most of their trading positions.


Having evolved in response to the financial market’s increasingly complex trading regulations, NEX Optimisation is the whole-trade risk information arm of NEX Group. Led by many of the market’s financial technology pioneers, and operating across key asset classes, we are an integrated group of specialists  dedicated to simplifying, making more efficient and increasing the accuracy with which our clients trade, clear and settle their portfolios. Answering the market’s call for greater transparency, we help our clients optimise their trading positions.