Film script


The Power of Imagination

‘The Power of Imagination’ – a five-minute film celebrating engineers and designers that opened the Australia’s Good Design Awards ceremony 2016.


There was a time when a school holiday felt like an eternity. When the wonder of the world carried us off to a timeless place of limitless imagination. A time when the basement was a scary place to venture. A time when our heart beat louder than a drum. A time when we stared into the clouds and saw ideas come to life.

Some people are just inquisitive.

The things of the world – the things that human beings conceived and designed and made – they fascinate us.

When we were kids, a day stuck in the house wasn’t boring: how could we be bored when the objects all around us were telling us the story of millennia of ingenuity and creativity?

We’re the kind of people who always look behind the mysterious door. We’re the kind of people who are interested in things that others take for granted. We want to understand how things work, and why they are the way they are. There’s a story to everything, a story of a million innovations, a history of people making things work better and smarter. We want to know those stories. Every kid wants to be an astronaut; we want to know how the rocket works, who made it, and how.