Giving story to architect's pitch for a bridge at Perth Airport, Australia

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Working title


Overarching statement

Designed to serve as a beautiful, interactive window onto everything Western Australia holds, The Storyline is at once modern icon and built storyteller.

About Storyline

Our design for The Storyline is one that champions the iconic and at the same time thinks beautifully about the significance of a bridge that serves as a first and last impression of Western Australia. A catalyst for the arriving imagination, it is a taste of all to come. Futuristic and beautiful, it’s a one-off, and as such the sort of thing that lodges firmly in the leaving memory. It’s a cultural and physical marker. It is an unforgettable experience. It’s an attraction in its own right.

Imagining The Storyline

Being amazed
Elevated and futuristic, its largely glass skin catching the light, its cone-shaped entrance yawning into the sky, it initially strikes the traveller – virgin or seasoned – as an extraordinary construct, a thing of real beauty. Directly below, a lineal garden, a walkway all of its own. Sensing an experience that is more than simply the function of a pedestrian bridge, we are drawn in. We are amazed. We are are curious. It has us.

Feeling a natural connection
Day or night, the design here is much about the experience of arrival as it is the function of crossing. We are transfixed not just by the fact that we can see far and wide, but also by what we can hear, feel and smell. The garden below is bursting with life. Flowers run amok. Birds fly below our feet. At night, the lighting running the length of the bridge and in the garden helps create an atmosphere of great space. Whatever the time of day, there is no doubt in our minds that we are somewhere special. It’s a simple and wonderful experience, one that has the effect of connecting us to the land.

Curated collaboration
As we cross, we engage with everything Western Australia has to offer, The Storyline being both interactive gallery and walkway. Noting rolling content and beautifully curated displays, we can access information via our phones, listen to audio, or simply stop and look and read. We are neither assailed nor overwhelmed: rather, the design of the content is visually stunning. It uses technology with real panache. It fits perfectly with that of the bridge itself. It’s a wonderfully enriching experience, and one that augments our plans.

Feeling at home

Arriving at the station, we look back. It’s been an enlightening journey. Awed by the futuristic otherness of the bridge’s design, and delighted by the crossing, we feel grounded. We feel excited. We feel at home.