Client-facing overview for CES booth concept

The Journey of Discovery

Taking its cue from Samsung’s notion of ‘accelerating discoveries and possibilities’, The Journey of Discovery is a product-and-technology focussed experience like no other. An immersive and oval shaped environment, it is dissected by the Discovery Avenue, leads with the Hero Product stories and a giant Gateway Screen, and opens out into a series of interconnected exhibitions and presentations.

The experience as a whole is designed to create in you the impression of being involved in an awe-inspiring voyage of discovery, one progressively amplified by the six major areas of new and original content – the content being revealed sequentially, across a 30-minute time span, and divided into 3 x 10-minute sequences. Each sequence is further divided into 2 x 5-minute Build and Reveal experiential stories. Each story is built about a major content area. The first story in each sequence will be pre-produced. The second story in each sequence will be live. The experiential stories might run as follows:

Sequence 1: Natural Language and Hero Product and Gateway Entrance
Sequence 2: Timeless Design and Lens on Discovery and Allshare
Sequence 3: Ultra Definition and Deep Dive and Smart Home

Atmospherically, each experiential story unfolds against and through a carefully choreographed concert of film, sound and light, one that is peppered with live presentations and recordings. Gentle and more contemplative (building) moments will hold and draw you in, while joyous, accelerated moments open you up to new and extraordinary content, the combined effects exactly the same as those of a beautifully told story, the result an experience that is as entrancing as it is exciting.

Taken on a journey of discovery, you will want to stay longer than ever before, your curiosity inspired, the experience producing in you the urge to explore, to listen, to touch, to experiment, the overall feeling being one of having discovered something quite wonderful.