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Robbie by Luke Waller


‘If you removed the digital elements from my work I would be almost non-existent’


Feted for his intelligent and deliberately dirty style, Luke Waller is one of Britain’s newest and brightest illustrators, his work regularly commissioned by the likes of the Financial Times and Italy’s Panorama Magazine, his client list including Nike, Samsung and La Revue.


Delicately Dirty
If Luke Waller’s art owes much to the digital, there is no doubt that his is a look born of the real-world unpredictability of the pencil mark. The challenge here was how to translate his delicately dirty style electronically. Fortunately, there was no delay in the pencil mark, even when making quick confident lines, which is, as he says, key to creating good work.  Speed. Accuracy. Immediacy.

Inspired Approach

Making Emotion Art
Luke’s love for I Robot – and in particular for the story Robbie – boils down to its emotional content, the first chapter’s character-led plot, the little girl’s strength of personality, the multi-meaning of New York, the final and seemingly impossible reconciliation of Gloria and her robot. Turning ‘the emotion into colour’, Luke creates a retro-futurist world as seen through the on- a-mission eyes of a girl in search of her best friend.

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