Go Bang!

In celebration of François K's 60th

Go Bang! It’s three in the morning. Special time, special occasion. François K turns 60 today. I’ve got his now legendary remix of Arthur Russell’s Dinosaur L classic turned to full volume. I’m wearing a pair of white underpants. I’m going to smoke ten cigarettes. I’m reminiscing.

Which isn’t quite true – well the last bit. This is not a piece of seed noir, a trip down one of many a particularly sticky lane in New York circa 1981. I wish. I was born just too late, and thousands of miles away from anywhere that mattered in the world of disco. Besides, when François Kevorkian began to play the likes of the Paradise Garage, and put out his seminal wedge of remixes on Prelude, I was still practising my moonwalk, followed by a couple of years worth of moccasins, Sta Press trousers (burgundy) and Fred Perry t-shirts, after which a dally with the likes of The Damned and The Clash slipped inexorably into stadium rock. This is not an apology. I’m still practising the moonwalk.

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